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Guitar Amplifiers:
Vox AC-30 with top boost and extension
    cabinet, Student, Super Beatle
Hiwatt Bulldog combo
Orange 120 with Orange 4x12 cabinet
Orange Overdrive head
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Road King
    (4 channel switchable)
Marshall JCM 800 with 4x12 cabinet
Garnet Pro, H-Zog
Fender: '57 Bassman, Super blackface, brown
    and black and black Princetons, silver Twin,
    black Deluxe, Champ, Vibrochamp, Plaid '63
    Bassman, Bassman 50 silverface, Showman
    cabinet blond, Pro Jr., guitar Leslie
Gibson 1959 GA-20, Titan 3, Falcon,
    Explorer, Stereo 30, Maestro
RCA tube head
Sound City 50-watt
Carvin X60B
Ampeg B-15, SVT, Twin, Jet, and others
2 Dan Electro
Roland JC-120
Acoustic 160
Kustom 100, 150
Supro Thunderbolt, Taurus, Super, Vibra-twin
Hughes and Kettner BATT
Paris amp
Peavey Ultra
Hartke Transporter
Magnatone/Titano stereo
and more!

Guitar Goodies:
Electro-Harmonix guitar synthesizer, Deluxe Big Muff,
    Big Muff, Small Stone, Small Clone, etc.
Ring modulator
MXR Distortion+, 2 Phase 90, Dynacomp
ProCo Rat
Sansamp GT2
Vox Wah, Crybaby, Rotovibe
Morley rotating power wah, 3 wah/distortion
Marshall Guv'nor
Jimi Hendrix fuzz
Maestro Parametric Filter, Phaser
Tube Screamer
and many more...