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Greetings! Pogo Studio has relocated to Nashville, TN, where it will reopen in 2016. Mark Rubel is now Co-Director and Instructor at The Blackbird Academy, a premier recording school at famed Blackbird Studio in Nashville. He is available to do recording, producing, mixing, consulting work, forensic audio, conferences and workshops, and working in other studios until Pogo reopens. Feel free to email him: mark@pogostudio.com.

If you are in the Champaign area and need recording services, our former engineer James Treichler is doing a great job taking care of our clients, at various facilities. James can be reached at jamestreichler@gmail.com. Our friends at Private Studio also continue to do wonderful work. The marvelous people at Bull and Dog Studio will soon open their facilities at our former Taylor St. location, offering recording, video production, graphic design, and promotion services. We are proud of them, and look forward to seeing the results of their work and vision.

Thank you to all of our clients for three and a half decades of music, fun and creativity in Champaign, which we look forward to continuing in Nashville!